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Rainwater is such a great (free) natural resource and on the Eyre Peninsula many of us want to catch and store every precious drop that lands on our roof. Master Vac is here to help, from making sure your gutters are clean and flowing freely, to ensuring that your tanks are free of mud and bacteria. After a visit from us you will have nothing but clean healthy water flowing from your taps.

Tank Cleaning
Due to contamination from things such as insects, animal droppings,bacterial growth, dirt, leaves and other nasties all rain water tanks must be properly maintained to insure that the water coming from them remains clean and safe to drink. Health organisations recommend having your rain water tanks inspected and cleaned every 2-3 years, Tanks come in all shapes and sizes. At Master Vac we can offer a tank cleaning solution for every tank, big or small, poly, galv, concrete and any level of water from full to empty

Gutter Cleaning

As an Eyre Peninsula local, I know the importance of having clean gutters on your home and business. But I also know that cleaning your gutters can be a painstaking and dangerous task. Our hot dry summers coupled with heavy downfalls in the winter mean that keeping your gutters clear of debris all year round is a must. Luckily now with our state of the art industrial gutter vacuum keeping your gutters clean has become a whole lot easier. Don't waste your weekend climbing up and down ladders trying to scoop or blow the muck out. Have a fully insured trained professional come and vacuum them for you.

The benefits of regularly vacuuming your gutters include: 
1. Reduced bush fire risk
2. Prevent water damage to your building (blockages can cause gutters to overflow, eroding your foundations or spill back into the roof cavity causing internal flood damage)
3.  Stopping debris from collecting in your down pipes and rain water tank, giving you clean uncontaminated water
4.  Avoid nesting areas for termites, birds, mosquito's and other insects
5.  Prolong the life of your gutters reducing rust and decay
6.  Using a vacuum means that we can clean those hard to reach places such as down pipes and small openings where hands just cant reach.

All the waste will be sucked through a hose into a collection drum on the back of my trailer, leaving no mess on your roof and around your yard. Other methods such as pressure cleaning and blowing out your gutters only really work for already clean gutters with only a small amount of debris. Otherwise the mess just gets blown back into your down pipes, all over your roof and onto the ground below. ( and in some cases under your fascia board and into the roof cavity) 

Did you know with Port Lincolns average annual rain fall of 488mm, a regular 3 bedroom house with a roof area of 150m² will capture over 73'000L of water each year. Your gutters primary job is capturing this water and diverting it away from your building either into rain water tanks or towards storm water run offs. If your gutters fail to redirect this water the damage caused to your building and foundations can be very costly and inconvenient. At Master Vac we are here to help your gutters and tanks do their job all year round, keeping them free of blockages and making sure your rain water is always clean and healty.

Please contact Brad to see how Master Vac can help you today!.