Does my tank need to be emptied to be cleaned

There are two methods to cleaning rainwater tanks and Master Vac specialises in both. Tanks can be fully emptied and given a total clean where the walls and floor are scrubbed and 100% of the muck is vacuumed from your tank. Or if you are wanting to keep the water in your tank the sludge from the bottom can be vacuumed off the floor of the tank with minimal water loss (walls cannot be cleaned using this method)

How much will it cost to have my gutters or tank cleaned?

Pricing varies from job to job depending on the size of your tank and roof, height and pitch of your roof, state of your gutters and other factors. However the price of regularly having your gutters and tanks vacuumed is minimal compared to the costs that can occur to your building due to water damage. Please contact Brad for a no obligation free quote.

Will you be working safely on my roof?​ 
At Master Vac we know the dangers of working at heights. You can rest assured that we will be using all the necessary safety equipment while cleaning your gutters. Safety is of the utmost importance which it why we carry all the required insurance and safety training to be up on your roof.​

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Why should I have my gutter vacuumed instead of  pressure washed or blown out?

Pressure washing and using a petrol blower to clean out your gutters can often cause more mess than what you had to begin with. And all this mess ends up going back into your down pipes, all over your roof or down onto the grounds below. Which means you just end up double handling your waste. Recent advancements in gutter vacuum technology means that having your gutters vacuumed by our powerful machine is the quickest, cleanest and most effective way to have your gutters cleaned.

Do I need to be home while you clean my gutters or tank?

In most cases no you don't have to be home, as long as there is access to your roof/tank I can clean them at anytime which is convenient for both you and I.

Do you have to get onto my roof to clean the gutters?

Although I can do a much more thorough clean from being on the roof I understand that in some cases this is not possible or wanted by the owner. Luckily with my clean from the ground extension poles we can still get your gutters clean working from the ground

I have gutter guard fitted, do I still need my gutter cleaned regularly? 

Most gutter guards work well at keeping larger items out of your gutters, unfortunately mud, sludge and small contaminants still find their way into your gutters. These smaller broken down particles often stay moist under your gutter guard which forms an ideal breeding ground for rust and insects. So all though gutter guard may keep larger debris out it can often make properly cleaning your gutters much harder and in the long run cause more harm than good. ( When I first bought my house I installed gutter guard, thinking it would make my gutter maintenance much easier, but after seeing first hand the downfalls I had removed them within a year)